Satan claus

The modern-day santa claus is an american version of saint nicholas, a fourth century roman catholic bishop from asia minor who was noted for his.

A special true christian™ report concerning the origin of santa claus freehold, iowa - satan's evil plan has. The satan claus (diabolus claustrum) is a monster straight from the depths of hell. Gather round and bask in the warm glow of satan claus, as he slashes his way through the big apple in search of the perfect ornaments- body parts! Dec 18,  · satan claus (neé schickelgruber), also known as krampus, is the patron saint of greedy department store owners and bratty spoiled li'l rich kids. Santa claws サタン satan kurōsu: japanese (translated) satan claus: card type: monster: attribute: light: types: fiend / effect: level: 6. On the night before christmas, a serial killer dressed in a santa claus suit stalks the streets of new york looking for blood.

It is a demon sent by satan himself to reap the souls of those unlucky enough to.

An internet google search on "satan claus" [not santa claus – but satan claus] found over 1, hits! Satan claus is the main antagonist from the animation made by collegehumor, kim jong un vs.

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