Gtx 1080 quantum break

Hardware-canucks-reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx pascal gtx vs gtx ti dx12 quantum break p ultra settings benchmark please like and subscribe if you enjoyed and want to see more videos like this. Quantum break pc performance review | p testing with the gtx ti and r9 fury x | gpu & displays. Nvidia's pascal architecture marked a new milestone for pc graphics last year, with graphics chips that were considerably.

Artis performed a quantum break dx11 vs dx12 framerate comparison on a gtx oc, and the performance gain over dx12 is substantial.

So i'm seeing that at p, everything maxed, this title is miles off is quite frankly pathetic.

Quantum break is an enjoyable enough third-person shooter, but on windows 10 the performance is poor. I have a gtx , with the same processor as u, and i get a good fps rate in k. There are constant frame rate drops and judders, no matter what.

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